You know what's awesome?

When you read a post, and you think it's somebody's, and it's actually somebody elses.

I think by default I assume all posts on my Friends page are from Jamie.  And sometimes I don't look at the little photo/username.  But SOMETIMES, the post is NOT from Jamie.  Sometimes it's from Eric.  And then, a post about nuts takes on a whole new meaning.

Is it just me?


This morning at about 11:30 we had the biggest earthquake we've had in quite a while, epicentered near Chino.  Chino seems like as good a place as any to epicenter an earthquake.  There's nothing but meth labs out there anyway. 

We were overdue for an EQ, in my opinon.  Haven't had a good 'un in years.  Maybe 14 years.  Can't believe it's been that long.  This one was a decent size - 5.8.  I think the higher you go up on the richter scale, the more you feel - exponentially.  Because this one didn't seem nearly close to how Northridge felt.  It was just like a fun little wavy thing, that lasted maybe 30 seconds max.  But here's the thing about LA.  Natives react adversely to rain ("oh my god there's WATER coming from the SKY!?!!?!?").  Transplants freak out about earthquakes.  Couldn't help being reminded of strausmouse's confusion over the need for social networking sites like Facebook when I got my best laugh of the morning at this:

Incidentally, my status message is currently this: Lisa says quit yer whinin and try waking up 3 miles away from a 6.7!
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David beats Goliath

Seriously, this should never have happened, but the world works in mysterious ways, and has given me QUITE the confidence boost today.  For today, jamietr and I completed our marathon game of Scrabulous on Facebook (see strausmouse, there is usefulness to social networking).  And today, I pulled out a decisive win against our resident wordsmith.  Woohoo!  I'm still smart!  The proof is in the scrabble board...


I need a colorful nickname

So, we're starting our new kickball season soon, and we've got a mission to bring the silliness back to the game.  To that end, everyone on our team is getting nicknames which they MUST be referred to as for the whole season, at least on the field.  They should be colorful, yet accurate, shoutable/cheerable, and must fit on the back of a shirt.

I need suggestions for me.  You'd think in 10+ seasons I'd have earned a nickname by now, but notsomuch.  Key information that may or may not be helpful:  i am the only remaining player from our original first season team; i am co-captain; i was league president twice; i write the division newsletter; i play shortstop; i am not a very good kickball player, but I did make mvp plays several times during last season's playoffs; after kickball i frequently get very very drunk, and have consequently been known to make out with other kickball players.  And most of all... I'm me, and you know me.  

Your help is appreciated. 


Who's a winner?

OK, so this is a follow up post to the one about my AWESOME game winning kick a couple weeks back.   That was week 1 of playoffs.  Week 2 of playoffs, I was the tying run in a game that we ultimately ended up winning.  Week 3 of playoffs was yesterday, two semifinal games followed by the championship game.  We were the #3 seed vs. the #1 seed in our "conference" for semis.  To gear up, I rocked the first season lucky playoff socks (see picture).

We won the game 2-1 with comeback runs in the 5th (of 5) innings.  This was the FIFTH game in a row that we've won in the last inning with either a walk-off run or a come from behind victory.  Then we had to wait an hour while the other "conference" finished their semifinal game (#1 and #2 seeds).  At 9pm we took the field against a victorious #1 seed team - our second top seeded team of the night.  SIX innings later (yes, extra innings again), I'm the go-ahead run on 2B with no outs.  And then I'm on 3B.  And then someone decides to go for the easy out at first, duh, and I'm scoring!!!  So... 6 comeback wins later, my team holds the distinguished title of first team in league history (8 seasons) to win the championship twice.  Yay us!  Here's the trophy:

The win means we get an automatic invite to Nationals (yes, there is such a thing as kickball nationals), which, awesome of awesomes, is in VEGAS over Labor Day weekend.  Anyone want to plan a trip to vegas?

Kickball girls rock... and seriously, check out the socks!


Kickball Rockstar

My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

I am by no means an athlete... and perhaps because I am at that skill level, last night might have been the single greatests "athletic" moment of my life.  I put "athletic" in quotes because, after all, we're talking about kickball.  If there were a kickball highlight reel, like maybe on The Ocho or something, this would definitely have taken the top spot.

First round of single elimination playoffs.  Bottom of the 5th (of 5) innings.  Tie game.  Bases loaded, one out.  Joel, of big bald South African fame, who incidentally was the rockstar last week with a triple and two base slides, pops up to the infield, so he wasn't able to sacrifice a runner in.  Which leaves me up to kick for the game.  To clarify... i am SLOW.  Like S... L... O... W.  And it's rare I can place a kick.  So, we're pretty much guaranteed to leave the runners and go into extra innings.

Except we dont.  Because with bases loaded, two outs, I kick the ball exactly between first and second, behind the pitcher.   Nobody know's which of the three of them is going for it, and it drops.  Pause, confusion, until finally the first baseman realizes it's up to him, comes off the bag, and grabs the ball.  I beat him back to the base by about a step and a half.  And that's a walk off game winner.

Add to all that  we were playing some of our bestest friends (including one I've dated), so there were NUMEROUS side bets on this game, which included me losing clothes mid game (I layered up in anticipation), free drinks all night, and dinner.

Best. Game. Ever.
I had to share.


it's hard to be a gangster...

Ok, a few things worth mentioning here....

1.  Why did I post that song (I hope the link works)?  Because as of Friday, I am the proud owner of a commuter  bike.  Whether or not there will be a basket on it, remains to be seen.  It's still newsworthy.  I haven't owned a bicycle since high school.  I think I can count on two hands the number of times I've BEEN on a bicycle since high school.  But... gas is approaching $4/gallon, and I just can't endorse that kind of spending.  Particularly since I really need more (and am ridiculously lazy about ) exercise, and I only live 6 relatively flat miles from my office.  So I'm going green, at least for the summer and at least 2 days a week.  My bike is sweet.  Here's a pic:

2.  My new user icon.  Because HELLOO?? Final Four, baby!!! I'm not going to rub it in, because I know that there are some NCAA fans on here.  One of whom will tell me that his is a football school, not a basketball school, and the other of whom will just stare sheepishly at the floor after losing in the first round (I had you til sweet 16).  But for the first time in history, the final four is the four best ranked teams in the country, and once again mine is one of them.  This marks our 3rd trip to the final four in as many years.  The last time we were a #1 seed was the last time we took the tourney.  So... now that you all don't have a team in, show some support... say it with me now ... GO BRUINS!!

3.  A small request from an occasional drunk.  If you get a text message from me, and it's after 9pm PST... a) i'm sorry, in advance, and b) please reply with a message reminding me that I'm drunk texting and I should immediately give my phone to the nearest friend who will keep me from further messaging.  Because I can't seem to stop it.  And its dangerous.  ... Cut to me drunk texting this guy I'm interested in, but who lives in another state, and sending 3 different incarnations of "I miss you"... Oh.  That is bad news.  Damn.  Someone please stop me.  I need an intervention.

4.  I am now sharing a room with AJ and Denisse in NYC.  Can someone please allow me use of their bathroom if necessary?

Anything else?  Ummm.... nope don't think so. Happy almost bday to Damian.  Happy almost bday party to Jamie.  Can't wait to see you all.

News Flash: I'm running off to Tahiti with George Clooney

 ... Otherwise known as "My Night at the 2008 Oscars"

So, for as much as you all mock kickball, every once in a while it has its perks. Last Sunday night was one of those times, because yes... little ol me went to the Oscars.

A little background - My friend Kevin (captain of an opposing team) works for the Academy of Motion Pictures. His primary project for the last 3 months has been to staff the Oscars. There are far more posts than there are people, so he recruited some of his more responsible (ha!) friends to be ticket takers, and basically that's where I came in. Me and about 10 other friends were recruited to take entry tickets to the Governor's Ball, which is on the premises and directly follows the show. Anyone at the show who attended the ball would go through the 11 of us. As you can imagine, that included some pretty big names. Here's the play by play.

6pm - Arrival at the Kodak theater. The show has just begun. Pretty much all of Hollywood Blvd is blocked off, but I have special credentials and, while my car is checked twice by bomb squad, I pass straight through, turning left just before reaching the now-empty red carpet.

6:30 - We're informed that we don't have to be at our posts until 7:30, but our credentials allow us access to the press room, which is a series of conference/meeting/banquet rooms in the Renaissance hotel. The food spread is insane - these guys get hooked up. We can watch live feed from the show, but better still we can see the presenters and winners come off stage, get their photos taken, and start their interviews. Here I saw Anne Hathaway, Steve Carrell, Brad Bird, Alan Arkin, and Tilda Swinton.

8:00 - At post. 4 of the groups are posted at the 4th floor escalators, where most of the 1500 ball attendees will enter. One guy gets posted at the exit to the hotel pool area, which is the supersecret exit from the Big 7 winners room, and he's only expected to get about 20 people through (including entourage). My partner and I are positioned in what is rumored to be the sucky spot - an exit nobody is supposed to use except for some production staff that may be exiting from the cheap seats, and the infirmed (who are using an elevator-accessible exit because of wheelchairs or etc.). We're supposed to get like 50 people max. For the sucky post we get a bit of a bonus though - we're inside the theater - out of the cold, on carpet (yay, heels!), and we can see live feed of the show (no audio).

8:30 - 10pm - Ticket Taking. We have a security detail that will stop anyone who tries to bully past us, but the only person who does is Gil Cates, the show producer. Took about 5 minutes to get him to follow the rules, but that was our only real incident. We got about 200 people through our door, and here's where it gets good. Someone somewhere told someone that there was a 5th floor supersecret exit, which VIPs felt entitled to use. So, I'm propping the door open (because it's really heavy for the old people to push through) stamping hands with a reentry stamp (the invisible amusement park blacklight type). At a little lull, I pop back all the way inside, and about 30 yards away I see a dress that I recognize from E! Red Carpet. I look up, and on this girl's right arm... headed our way.... OH MY GOD IT'S CLOONEY!!!!!

Ok, so here I am, thinking the biggest celeb I'm gonna see all night is the 98 year old art director who got the lifetime achievement award, and instead I'm about to touch George Clooney's hand. My partner instructs me not to freak out. I go back to my post, and all of a sudden there he is. "Can I have your hand?" I say. He gives it to me, looks at his hand, and says "There's nothing there." "It's invisible. We don't want to distract from your pretty outfit" I say (that's been my "schtick" all night). "Well, now I'm radioactive!" he says. I then made some RIDICULOUS comment about him glowing, and an even MORE ridiculous comment to his girlfriend about how she was already glowing. DUH!

So, the night couldn't have gotten any better from there, but there was a lot of icing on the cake. Jon Stewart came through and asked me to stamp him on the inside of his palm. Ruby Dee came through and was totally disoriented by my instructions for her to turn right. Cate Blanchett took the special exit because she was afraid of getting her baby belly bumped. We also had Sissy Spacek, Dixie Carter and Hal Holbrook, Regis Philbin, that old guy referenced above, Quincy Jones and his 25 year old date (dude's a PIMP) and Paul Dano (the preacher in There Will Be Blood, also the silent brother in Little Miss Sunshine).

When we were finally relieved of our duties, we were told that we were invited for food and drinks IN the Governor's Ball itself, but we had to wait until 11:30 for all the stars to leave. So, we took a seat on a bench on the 4th floor by the escalators, and - if it wasn't for Clooney - this would have been the best part of the whole night. EVERYBODY had to go down this set of escalators to get to their car, limo, or valet. It was like being on the Anti-Red Carpet - everyone going home. Jesus, pretty much you name them, I saw them, but here's just a few: The Cohen Bros, Jason Reitman, Wolfgang Puck, Josh Brolin & Diane Lane, Daniel Day Lewis, Viggo Mortenson, Amy Adams, John Travolta & Kelly Preston, Javier Bardem, ...I can't even remember them all. Ask me, and I'll tell you. Unless they left the party super early, I caught them.

11:30 - we get to go to the party. As we walk in, we get gold-dusted chocolate oscars.

To the right is the Good Morning America couches, now empty. To the left is an open bar, and an amazing asian seafood spread, including the most (and best!) sashimi I have ever seen. Hard not to gorge on all of it. When we finally get inside, we're seated at tables that were previously hosting (presumably) superstars. I could have been sitting in Johnny Depp's chair for all I know. 
The food is amazing, kobe beef sliders, caviar, tuna tartar, filet mignon, mac& cheese with truffles. Jesus. I think I didn't get home until about 2am.

Ok, well anyway. Best Night Ever. And I am running away with George Clooney. Here's a picture of us together at the party, talking to one of the Cohen's.

Oh, and for anyone who cares, this was my dress: